How do I find out more about buying a holiday home?

Once you have decided Bigland is the park for you view our range of pre-owned and new caravans. You can come unannounced but if we are expecting you we can guarantee someone is there to welcome you.


How long can I keep it on the park?

Any new holiday home bought here comes with a 15-30 year pitch agreement, and any used home, ragardless of age has a 10 year agreement. In reality though as busy people we have never actually asked anyone to upgrade their home due to its age, but these are the guide lines.


What if I wish to sell my caravan after a short period?

If you only want your caravan short term we would discourage you from buying in the first place. Like cars they lose most of their value in the first few years. However most people keep them for years, this represents fantastic value for money.


Does this criteria apply to lodges?

Lodges here generally come with an agreement where you can resell them on their plot, unlike holiday caravans. This means they should in theory retain a great deal of their purchase price, and although are more expensive represent a more stable purchase.


Can I bring my pets?

Of course, some even bring their cats.


What are the annual running costs?

The annual pitch fee is due on the 1st March, for a static caravan this is in the region of £2500 plus vat (some are more and some are less depending on pitch size). Remember we have the largest plots in the area too!! Lodges also vary but are around £4000 plus vat. Also factor in gas electric and water as you use it, and insurance. Annual maintenance is virtually zero, a clean every year is usually sufficient.


What facilities are on park?

As a small owners only park we do not have a shop or club on site. Owners are encouraged to use local amenities as a means of supporting the local economy. However, we do have a launderette and a wifi area around the park. We have an on site beauty and holistic therapy room for your pamper treats and time to relax.


Can I rent my caravan or lodge out?

Family and friends are allowed to use your home, but it cannot be rented out commercially, the park has a lodge for hire for those who wish to enjoy a short stay.


Can I move into my caravan permanently?

Absolutely not. We are licenced as a holiday park and all owners MUST have an alternate address where they live and pay council tax. Local authorities investigate parks frequently and those found living on parks are generally asked to leave.


How long is your season?

Owners can use their homes from 1st March to 15th January the following year. While day visits are permitted out of season owners must sign in and be off park before sunset.


Can I have a decking built?

Yes, but plans must first be approved by the park, and while we don’t insist on any particular material, we do ask it is built by a competent contractor in a reasonable time frame. Remember your neighbours don’t want to listen to you hammering away endlessly at weekends.

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